Gardener's Organic Gift Pack- Perfect For This Time Of Year!


Welcome to our blog page, where we celebrate the beauty of Donegal and the sustainable, handcrafted products that it inspires.

Nestled in the rugged northwest of Ireland, Donegal is a land of sweeping coastlines, heather-strewn moors, and dense forests that are home to a rich diversity of wild plants and flowers.

Here, the elements shape the landscape, and the natural world is both powerful and awe-inspiring. It is from this untamed beauty that our products are born.

Our soaps, scented candles, lip balms, and moisturisers are made with love and care, using only the finest natural ingredients, many of which are harvested locally in Donegal.

Each product is a testament to the beauty and abundance of this special place, and we hope that they bring a little bit of the magic of Donegal into your life.

Join us as we explore the wilds of Donegal, discover its hidden treasures, and share the stories of the people and places that inspire us.